411MANIA |  Tony Nese Reveals His Biggest Tips For Physical Training, Eating On The Road, Discovering His Passion For Fitness

411MANIA | Tony Nese Reveals His Biggest Tips For Physical Training, Eating On The Road, Discovering His Passion For Fitness

On a recent episode of AEW Unrestricted, “Premier Athlete” Tony Nese opened up about his interest in physical training, learning bodybuilding, and what he does to maintain his physique. Read some highlights below:

On how he became interested in physical training: “My older brother was always into fitness. He subscribed to Muscle and Fitness. He was always going to the gym with his friends, working out and stuff. I looked up to my two brothers. On top of that, joining wrestling school and realizing… oh man I’m a tiny little squirt I’m not gonna grow that much anymore so I need to watch the part That’s always been my thing I’m thin I’ve always had a definition, but I was a skinny kid who could see his muscles because he was skinny, so for me it was about learning how to get taller.

Learn more about fitness, nutrition and becoming a certified trainer: “I learned to read a lot of bodybuilding magazines. I read Arnold [Schwarzenegger]’s book, The Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding. I’ve read that at least four or five times now. It just became my second passion, another part of my life. I trained every day. I ate, ate, ate every day. So many calories. I started to learn more and more about what my body should be doing, which is to eat, eat, eat. Don’t worry about what you eat, just size up. It just snowballed into more and more passion. I learned more about it to the point where I thought I should go study and become a coach myself. I took classes, got my certification, and started coaching. I worked as a coach for most of my freelance career until I got signed and had put that job on the sidelines for a while.

On his biggest advice to people starting a fitness routine: “The hard part is everyone thinks they have to follow a ‘here’s how to do it, here’s the plan’. That’s the easy part. Just go out there, lift weights and stuff? That’s the easy part. It really is a matter of being consistent and going for it. I tell my clients this all the time. My success is not due to my knowledge. My success is due to the fact that I never quit. I just kept going. There’s just no reason for me to stop. Obviously there are injuries here and there. Things are going to happen. You’re going to have a bad week. , you’re going to take weeks off. You’re supposed to anyway. But otherwise? When it came to constantly eating, always taking protein, always taking my supplements. I always stay on top of digestive enzymes. I don’t buy a supplement and two weeks later I say “it didn’t work” I’m going to stick with it for eight weeks, let’s see how I feel before ec that. Patience is one of the most important things. This is the biggest tip. Be patient and be consistent.

On her current daily routine: “My day is very routine because I have children. I have to get up early, I’m going to cook my breakfast. I’m going to make eggs for me and the children and everything. Get ready for school, take the kids to school go straight to the gym with my wife People think I’m at the gym all day People probably think I’m at the gym all day but I spend a good hour and a half, including cardio, maybe a leg day is going to be two hours for me. That’s about it. The rest of the day is all about recovery, eating, maintaining calories. along the day I also did online training, a lot of my day is spent writing workout plans and stuff like that, my routine is simple.

Eat well and train on the road: “Like anyone else’s routine, it gets a little tasteless when it comes to being on the road. You just have to plan ahead. Luckily I’ve done that a lot now where I understand how every trip is going to be. I’m literally going to look at my plan. “Okay, I’m flying to here, I have a two-hour layover. I’ll go to the lounge and eat my meals here, and then I know it’s a two-hour flight to the next place. When I get there, I’ll stop somewhere and grab some food, or grab some UberEats. I constantly plan ahead when I travel, and when I’m home I already know my routine.

If you use any of the quotes above, please credit AEW Unrestricted an h/t to 411mania for the transcript

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