Will the Starbucks medicine ball relieve colds and flu?

Will the Starbucks medicine ball relieve colds and flu?

When asked about Starbucks’ “Medicine Ball,” that’s the serious comment Jenny Hagendorf, MS, RDN, LD, CSOWM, in San Antonio, must have shared about the buzzy drink.

But is it really that good for you? And could it help relieve cold and flu symptoms?

Keep reading to find out what a Medicine Ball is at Starbucks, how to make a copycat version at home, and what nutritionists have to say about its potential health benefits.

What is a Starbucks medicine ball?

You might be wondering what’s in a Medicine Ball at Starbucks before you start gulping down this supposed elixir on your next trip to the famous coffeehouse chain. First, let’s break down what exactly is in this drink that many are ordering lately.

“The Starbucks Medicine Ball (now officially known as Honey Citrus Mint Tea) is a hot beverage that contains lemonade, spearmint tea, peach tea, and honey,” Hagendorf offers, describing the fan-favorite drink at the largest coffee shop chain in the world (in Texas alone, there are reportedly 1,315 Starbucks stores or one Starbucks for every 22,050 people, according to data company ScrapeHero). If you want to order Starbucks Medicine Ball, ask for it by its official name – Honey Citrus Mint Tea – at a Starbucks store or order it by that name on the Starbucks app. On the app, you can also customize the drink by deciding how much honey, how much lemonade, and if you want to add cinnamon powder, etc. to your drink.

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