Hollis H. Halford III, MD

Health care in Memphis: Changes could impact patients

Dr. Jordan Coffey and Dr. Hollis H. Halford III

Health care in our country is a complex system, but it is still the best in the world. We have the best access to care, the best treatments, and we are finding new and better ways to help provide care for our patients.

Unfortunately, there could be drastic changes to our healthcare landscape very soon, resulting in restricted access to care for patients in the Memphis and Mid-South communities. This is largely due to recent actions by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee (BCBST) to send out contract termination notices to several physician groups and healthcare facilities in the Mid-South.

The BCBST is demanding that a number of physician groups and health facilities accept drastic price reductions or exit the network. These rate reductions, in some cases, amount to a reduction of 40% or more for health care providers.

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