Jason Derulo shares his 3 favorite exercises for defined abs and a strong core

Jason Derulo shares his 3 favorite exercises for defined abs and a strong core

  • Jason Derulo trains twice a day, five to six days a week, he told Insider.
  • His favorite exercises for his abs are L-shaped sit-ups, weighted sit-ups and seated rows, he said.
  • Derulo intermittent fasts and eats mostly whole foods and lots of protein, he said.

Jason Derulo trains twice a day, five to six times a week.

The singer told Insider that staying in shape is important to his busy rehearsal and performance schedule, so he does a mix of cardio and strength training, including core exercises.

Derulo said his favorite exercises for defined abs and a strong core are L-shaped sit-ups, weighted sit-ups and seated rows.

“Having a strong core is so important to avoid any back pain or overall muscle fatigue,” Derulo said.

To perform a seated L-pull, hang from a bar with your legs straight, forming an L with your body, then pull your body toward the bar. Derulo said he was thinking about squeezing his obliques “for a more intense burn.”

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Seated L pull-ups are more of a core burner than regular pull-ups, which primarily work the upper body (although core engagement is also required), and are more difficult overall, says personal trainer Kaycee Dunfield at Experience Life. Derulo said he makes them “regularly.”

Holding a weight while doing regular sit-ups is an effective way to make them harder and continue to build abs once bodyweight gets too easy, bodybuilder and fitness trainer Cliff Wilson tells Insider.

Seated rows are usually done with a resistance machine and help strengthen the back, which is also part of the core.

Working the muscles in the back of the body as much as the front is important for maintaining good posture and preventing imbalances, personal trainer Patrick Murphy previously told Insider.

Derulo lifts golf carts to stay in shape

Derulo said fitness was important to him as he was taller when he was younger.

“Growing up I was one of the heavier kids, so I joined the track team to try to lose weight,” he said. “It wasn’t easy, but with my motivation and mental toughness, I lost weight and got back in shape.”

Derulo’s work keeps him motivated to stay in shape, he said.

“With my schedule of world tours, rehearsals, dancing and travelling, it’s important that my fitness doesn’t fall behind,” he said. “My shows are vigorous from start to finish where I’m constantly moving so I have to be on top of my game to give a 200% performance.”

Derulo tries to train five to six days a week, even on tour. He usually trains for an hour in the morning and then 45 minutes in the evening, he said.

Training first thing in the morning is non-negotiable for Derulo. “I’m at my best when I start the day with this fresh energy and it leaves me in good spirits for the rest of the day,” he said.

Having fun while training is also important to him.

“I can get bored of doing the same cardio every day, so I’ll try to add some variability to my workouts like boxing, jumping rope or snowboarding,” he said. “I’ll even do stunts like pulling cars or lifting golf carts.”

Derulo Intermittent Fasting

Regarding his diet, Derulo said he eats between 2,100 and 3,300 calories a day and follows a “disciplined meal plan”, which consists of healthy whole foods like eggs, meat and vegetables. .

“I try to eat a good amount of protein and regularly drink Treo which tastes great, keeps me hydrated and limits my sugar intake,” he said. Derulo is co-owner and ambassador of Treo Flavored Birch Waters.

“I stock my fridge so it doesn’t really mess up my diet,” he said.

Derulo also fasts intermittently, skips breakfast, and eats two meals a day.

“First I’ll have bone broth with vegetables and legumes, then later I’ll have grilled salmon or chicken and vegetables,” he said.

In 2020, Derulo became known for his “Milli Meals”: indulgent meals and desserts that he prepared and posted on TikTok whenever his followers grew by a million.

“I started my ‘Milli Meals’ as a new hobby during the pandemic,” he said. “I’ve never been a cook, but since we were home I needed to use my creativity and started trying different recipes. I made chocolate pizza, rainbow pancakes rainbows and a s’mores pastry.”

Derulo incorporates meals into a healthy lifestyle by having only one serving of each.

“Everything can be enjoyed in moderation,” he said. “Although my diet is limited to healthy, whole foods, I don’t like to plan meals or cheat days. If something calls for me, I’ll eat it.”

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