'Many of you were thrilled to see me again': Renowned bodybuilder disappoints 4 million fans with gloomy pre-2022 update Mr. Olympia

‘Many of you were thrilled to see me again’: Renowned bodybuilder disappoints 4 million fans with gloomy pre-2022 update Mr. Olympia

Sadik Hadzovic is basking in the glory of winning the 2022 Pittsburgh Pro Bodybuilding Championship. After watching such an incredible performance, it was a shock to around 4 million fans when he decided to skip Mr. Olympia 2022.


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Sadik was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina before moving to New York, America to find a better life. His childhood was tough and shaped by strict discipline and hard work, instilled in him at a very young age by his parents. This early seeding of work ethic eventually transformed him into a strong character that made him a champion bodybuilder.


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Sadik Hadzovic’s health problems forced him to give up

The Mr. Olympia competitions will take place from December 15 to 18, 2022. Sadik decided to break the bad news just days before the competitions start. However, he did not do so out of bad faith or nonchalance. Apparently Sadik had genuine concerns about his health and speculated long enough and hard enough before taking the tough call.

He said, “I know many of you were thrilled to see me back at this year’s Olympia. Unfortunately, I won’t be competing.”. He didn’t elaborate on the reasons at the time, which left his fans puzzled and searching for reasons.

Sadik shared a series of stories on his Instagram, each revealing a side of his current condition. He decided to share the reason and discuss an important detail via his Instagram page to set the record straight and give his fans some perspective. He declares, “A lot of speculation on why I withdrew from Olympia this year”followed by a series of updates on his health.


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Sadik hadn’t been feeling well for 3 weeks now, so he decided to do something about it. He had his blood work done, his blood pressure checked and advised everyone to do the same. The story was informative and fulfilling with a positive message for everyone to follow. Health should be our main concern and everything else follows. Sadiq says, “Take care of your health because everything stems from this one swimming pool”.

Sadik’s journey from Men’s Physique to Mr. Olympia

Sadik started his bodybuilding journey with the male physique, then changed paths to the classic physique before finally returning to where he started. He updates his daily background and training on his social media accounts for his fans to see. He has 4 million Instagram followers who are very keen to observe his daily routine.


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Sadik is not the first person to drop out of Mr. Olympia this year. Daniel Ammons is an IFBB Pro Men’s Physique athlete, who followed the same path by skipping competition for health reasons. Health issues are a big concern for bodybuilders, as well as other athletes.

Along with physical health, mental health issues are also on the rise, and athletes around the world are paying proper attention to it. Ben Stokes, an England cricketer, took time off from playing cricket for his country last summer to work on his mental health.

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On a more positive note, Mr. Olympia 2022 is set to take place December 15-18 in Las Vegas at 2 of its prestigious Las Vegas Strip hotels – Hollywood Resort and Casino and The Venetian Resort. More than 70 bodybuilders, including Mamdouh Ellsbiah, Brandon Curry and others, will still be competing for the elusive title. Who do you think will win?

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