Why Frozen or Canned Fruits and Vegetables Aren't Always Inferior - ABC Everyday

Why Frozen or Canned Fruits and Vegetables Aren’t Always Inferior – ABC Everyday

When it comes to fresh, frozen or canned vegetables, do you have any idea which ones contain the most nutrients?

Most people might be inclined to say cool.

But did you know that there is little difference in nutritional value between fresh, frozen and canned produce?

That’s according to our resident Fruit Nerd, Thanh Truong.

Thanh is an advocate for fresh produce, mainly because he says it gives you the best texture experience.

“It’s going to be firm and crispy,” he says.

But that may not always matter – like when cooking vegetables in a stew.

“Especially if you’re going to cook fruits and vegetables before eating them, you’re going to get pretty much all the nutritional value possible from each of those ingredients,” Thanh says.

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