3 ways to optimize your pet insurance

3 ways to optimize your pet insurance

Pet insurance has multiple benefits for both owners and the pets they love.

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For most financial products and services, it pays to do your research. This is especially true in insurance. By familiarizing yourself with a specific type of insurance, you can improve your chances of getting a lower rate. You can also create a more comprehensive policy.

While many adults are familiar with health insurance and how it works, knowledge surrounding other insurance may not be as robust. This is particularly true for animal insurance, which traditionally covers medical care for cats and dogs. Although not as well known as other insurance, pet insurance has multiple benefits for owners and the pets they love. Accordingly, it is useful to understand the nuances of this unique protection in order to take full advantage of it.

If you’re considering pet insurance, start by getting a free quote so you know exactly what to expect.

3 ways to optimize your pet insurance

Whether you’re considering buying or adopting a pet — or already have one — here are three ways to optimize a pet insurance plan.

start early

Insurance companies favor young people – when the insured is in good health and claims are low. Pet insurance is no different. Purchasing pet insurance when your pet is young is arguably the best way to maximize your policy.

By starting at an early age, owners can ensure a low rate. If they wait until the animal gets older and becomes more risky to insure, they can expect that risk to be reflected in their premiums. But a young cat or dog is usually a healthy cat or dog. As a result, you won’t have to break the bank for pet insurance (typically $30-$70 per month for dogs and $15-$40 per month for cats).

Another benefit of starting when your pet is young and healthy? you can avoid pre-existing conditions. Pet insurance providers may discriminate against pets with pre-existing conditions and exclude those issues from coverage. But if you act fast, before stubborn health issues arise, you can put your pet in the running for more comprehensive (and cheaper) care.

So start shopping for a pet insurance plan now, before the prices go up. You can get a free quote from Lemonade Pet Insurer here now.

Talk to your veterinarian

Your vet isn’t just someone you should talk to when you need care or a prescription refill. Due to their experience and expertise in the field, your veterinarian can also help you build a specialized pet insurance plan for your four-legged friend.

Your veterinarian knows your pet and its medical history. They also probably know the raise, the breed’s medical history, and any ailments or health issues they may be predisposed to. By asking your veterinarian for pet insurance advice, you can better tailor your policy to exactly what your pet needs and what they don’t. This way you’re not paying for coverage you won’t use.

For example, a German Shepherd is more likely to need medical intervention for hip dysplasia than most other breeds. English Bulldogs and similar types of dogs are susceptible to Brachycephalic Airway Obstruction Syndrome (BAOS).

Your vet already knows this. So check them out when taking out pet insurance.

Shop around for suppliers

Have you ever shopped online for a product only to find it cheaper on another website?

You should use the same approach to purchase pet insurance. Don’t just accept the first policy and provider you get a quote from. Do your research, make comparisons, and see where you can find the best, most comprehensive care at the lowest price. You might be surprised at what you ultimately find.

When shopping for policies, just be sure to do an apples-to-apples comparison. For example, if you want an accident insurance policy only for a 2 year old, 55 pound dog, be sure to get quotes from other providers for the same type of policy for a dog of the same size and age. . Otherwise, you won’t be able to perform an accurate side-by-side comparison of offers.

You can start with a quote from Spot Pet Insurance here or use the table below to review some of the best providers.

The bottom line

Pet insurance is a unique and financially savvy way to protect both your pet and your bank account. By buying a plan early, using your veterinarian to guide you, and researching providers, you can improve your chances of getting an inexpensive but comprehensive policy.

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