We talked all things fitness and wellness with Camila Cabello

We talked all things fitness and wellness with Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello is definitely known for her star power, and she brings that same energy to a very different medium. As the new brand ambassador for Olipop’s prebiotic and functional sodas, she will be the face of the brand and will also work in tandem on their shared mission to make an impact in health and wellness. We sat down with the megastar to talk about her fitness routine, favorite skincare products and what therapy has done for her over the past few years.

Well+Good: Congratulations on your new role, what made you want to partner with Olipop?

Camille Cabello: I grew up drinking soda with tacos – you know Mexicans love Coca-Cola [laughs]. And it was just such a good substitute for that because it’s not a lot of sugar, and it tastes so good. So my family and I became obsessed with it. During quarantine, I would have one every day for mental health stuff (and also just for general health). I learned more about the microbiome and gut health, and Olipop is such a good drink for that, so I wanted the opportunity to work with them. I started as an investor in February, then I was just happy to collaborate more with them.

W+G: Regarding your favorite flavors, you alluded to Coca-Cola, but are there certain flavors that appeal to you?

CC : My favorite is definitely the Vanilla Strawberry. And then when I have tacos or if I like, you know, have a burger once in a while, I’ll have like the [Vintage Cola]. And the orange! I love orange.

W+G: I love it. You sort of alluded to it when you mentioned the gut microbiome, but what else are you interested in taking care of your gut? Are there any staple foods you’re drawn to or just things you usually do to keep your gut healthy and happy?

CC : Well, I really think food is a big part of everything. So things that have natural probiotics like tea or yogurt. Um, but I also take probiotics every day.

W+G: There have been studies, as you’re no doubt aware, that also link gut health to mental health. I would like to know what are your recommendations to take care of your mental health and not just your gut health?

CC : I have a bad habit of not, you know, getting enough hydration, so the basics are drinking enough water, having a well-balanced day in terms of food, having enough vegetables and not not liking a lot of processed foods, and exercising. But also, you know, making sure I’m not too stressed and have time to spend time with my family and friends. Therapy is also part of my life. And sleep is huge for me. If I don’t sleep, my anxiety and neuroticism explode.

W+G: I would like to know how you discovered therapy. And then I would also like to know your sleep habits. Is there anything you do in particular to make sure you get those hours?

CC : I started therapy when I was quite young, in my late teens, and I think it was just a necessity for me at that time. I just felt very, very anxious and sad because of this anxiety. I didn’t really hesitate to ask for help, and I’m so glad I did because I started the journey to find the right therapist. I met a few different therapists along the way, and they helped me at different times in my life. But I definitely found one right now that I think really made the biggest difference. And, so I think it came first out of necessity, and then really seeing the change therapy brought into my life and seeing how much I’ve grown as a person.

“I just felt very, very anxious and sad because of this anxiety. I didn’t really hesitate to ask for help.” —Camila Cabello

And when it comes to sleep, I find it’s better for me to sleep earlier so I try to fall asleep early and not be a night owl. For example, even if I sleep at two in the morning and wake up at noon, it is not the same as going to sleep around 11pm and waking up at 8am. Also, I try not to like drinking too much because drinking really affects the quality of my sleep.

W+G: Do you consider yourself a night owl by nature? Or are you more of an early riser?

CC : No I’m definitely more of a night owl but I feel like when I’m a night owl I get into this pattern of never feeling rested and I’m like always exhausted no matter how many of hours that I receive, I’m like tired.

W+G: Absolutely. I totally understand. When you don’t get enough sleep or when you need an energy boost, how do you deal with it?

CC : I usually drink lots of water and try to eat healthy that day, just so I don’t overload my body with other things. I find that if I don’t sleep and I eat badly and I don’t drink water, and I drink alcohol for example, and I’m stressed, I’m probably going to get sick. But if I do some of those good things, then I’ll probably be fine. And also even if I don’t sleep, just like resting, lying down, taking a nap, it helps.

W+G: Absolutely. Shifting gears a bit, I’d like to know what beauty products you use these days. What products did you rely on?

CC : I always use mascara and I really like L’Oréal mascara. I’ve been using it, honestly, since I was young. I just think it’s so good. Also, I love Supergoop sunscreen.

W+G: Is there anything you’ve been turning to for your everyday look lately?

CC : For a quick and casual going out look, I love putting blush on my cheeks and on my eyelids.

W+G: Are there any skincare items you swear by?

CC : Oh. Uh, honestly, I’ve been in the ocean a lot lately, and I feel like the salt water is so good for my skin that I’ve barely used any products the last few days and my skin has never been so beautiful. But I also have sunscreen, being well hydrated, serums and removing makeup – like washing really well – is so important. I tend to get really clogged pores when I don’t do a deep wash at night.

W+G: Changing the subject a bit more, you alluded to the fact that fitness is one of the things that makes you happy. What do you like to do in the gym?

CC : For cardio, I really like to do fun things, like swimming or snorkeling or doing different sports. Like I really want to play. Playing tennis too, or going dancing is the best – even literally going dancing to sweat – that’s the best. Or take a fun workout class with friends.

For my part, every day I try to do bodybuilding. I have a trainer in LA [Melissa Alcantara], and if I’m not there with her, she has this FitGurlMel app. I just go to the gym and do his weight training sessions for about an hour. I feel like a little gym rat because I learned how to use the machines and all that, and then I’m in so much pain the next day.

W+G: I love it. I feel like the gym can be very intimidating for a lot of people. Was there ever a time when you were bullied?

CC : I didn’t know how to use the machines until about three weeks ago [laughs]. Um, and honestly, just ask questions. Basically I just fired up the app and asked people who work in the gym or people who use the machines [for help]. They look intimidating but they really aren’t. Or you just youtube a video or something. It might take you 20 minutes to figure it out, but then you’ll know how to use it for the rest of your life.

W+G: Is there anything in the wellness field that you really like lately?

CC : I like meditation. I intend to do it like every day for 10 minutes; it really makes a big difference to me. I love the Ten Percent Happier app. I do their classes, and they have like 10-minute meditations every day. It makes such a big difference, and I learned so much. I really grow as a person doing them every day.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

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