'Killer': Launching a cult workout in Australia

‘Killer’: Launching a cult workout in Australia

Cult fitness brand Peloton has announced that it is finally launching its highly sought after treadmill in Australia.

Home training, which has exploded globally during the pandemic, launched Down Under with the arrival of its bike in July 2021 and has already built up a strong local community of members who have followed nearly two million digital courses.

Despite the impressive uptake of digital subscriptions, Aussies have been keen to get their hands on the full Peloton range available overseas, namely the brand’s $4,445 treadmill.

Now, after months of speculation and incessant calls from desperate Aussies, the brand has confirmed that its Peloton Tread will soon be available here.

“Since we launched Peloton in Australia, our members have been eager to experience the Peloton Tread, so we are delighted to finally confirm that we will be making this best-in-class treadmill available from February 2023” , Amanda Gilmore , the national manager of Peloton Australia, told news.com.au.

“We’ve been really excited by the uptake and positive response from Australian consumers who have quickly embraced our digital fitness experience.

“In fact, in our first 12 months in the market, Australian Peloton members completed 1.95 million workouts, with cycling topping the list and accounting for more than half (1.02 million ) courses taken.”

“Other fitness modalities such as yoga, pilates, strength training, outdoor running and boxing follow closely behind (925,000), demonstrating the value Australians receive when using our connected fitness experience. “, she continued.

“The launch of Pelton Tread gives us another opportunity to introduce our brand to more Australians, as well as tell the stories of our amazing community and how Peloton has helped them achieve their health and fitness goals.”

Much like the Peloton Bike, the treadmill comes with a digital display that allows users to access a comprehensive library of daily updated workouts from instructors in the US and UK.

“It’s one of the main determining factors of the treadmill that sets Peloton apart from its competitors,” Ms. Gilmore said.

“Peloton Tread offers thousands of live and on-demand classes for people of all skill levels, so you can tailor your training to suit your mood, time constraints, location, or goals.

“It eliminates the intimidation around fitness and learning something new, allowing people to find enjoyment in exercising like never before, working out the way they want when and where they want. wish.”

Rumors of the Tread’s impending arrival on our shores have been swirling through fan groups for months, and many are pleading for it to be true.

“Has anyone heard of the Tread coming? I have a feeling it will never come to Oz,” a fan recently wrote in a Facebook group.

“Are the Peloton Tread rumors true? I’ve been waiting for one for 18 months! said another.

“It’s not fair. We need the treadmill here soon,” wrote a third.

Anyone wanting to purchase the treadmill who isn’t already will need to join the Peloton app which costs $59 per month.

Access gives users unlimited treadmill and cycling classes plus a range of other fitness disciplines, including outdoor running, strength, bootcamp, yoga, and meditation.

The bike, which is available in two forms – Peloton Bike priced at $2145 and the Bike+ which is priced at $3345 – received rave reviews after its launch.

But be warned, the workouts aren’t for the faint-hearted, with bike and treadmill users declaring them “hardcore.”

You will need plenty of space though, as it takes up the size of a “small sofa”.

In addition to running, members can participate in “Tread bootcamp” classes that combine running and strength training. There are also walking and hiking courses.

The Tread+ – which was swallowed up in a major recall in the US after it was linked to the death of a three-year-old child – will not be available in Australia.

Anyone who wants to test drive the treadmill before its February release can visit a Peloton showroom or official outlets to test drive the device and get a free workout.

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