3 Yoga Moves Trainers Swear By A Toned Core And Sculpted Obliques

3 Yoga Moves Trainers Swear By A Toned Core And Sculpted Obliques

woman doing yoga stretching white athleisure set

woman doing yoga stretching white athleisure set

This story has been updated since its initial publication on 11/05/2021 to include more information from experts

If you want a smaller waistline, i.e. a toned core and sculpted obliques or “side core”, there are incredible benefits to doing yoga. A study from the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center’s Department of Nursing Research and Transitional Sciences in 2016 found that yoga reduces body fat and waist circumference.

“The best way to get a smaller waistline is to choose a workout designed to burn calories and tighten core muscles,” Bulldog Yoga Online Certified Yoga Instructor Brittany Hackman tells us, recommending Power Yoga and the workout. high-intensity interval training (HIIT). the ideal method to achieve this goal.

“The heat you generate in your body during a power yoga sequence helps you burn the calories needed to boost weight loss,” she says. Plus, the combination of muscle building and power cardio work and HIIT yoga means you get a full-body workout, “that’s not only rigorous and revitalizing, but you’ll also see your waistline shrink in the process.” It all sounds good!

The following power yoga moves will target the core, she says. And remember that a healthy body is the top priority. “Total-body strength training and nutrition are key to success for the body as a whole, as well as specific target areas!”

Forearm side plank

“This exercise, also known as Thread-the Needle Crunchs, is an incredible core body exercise that targets your abdominal muscles, especially your obliques, while building strength in your shoulders and upper back,” Brittany explains. “By incorporating the dynamic motion of a needlepoint crunch with your side plank, you’ll have a tighter waistline and stronger midsection in no time!” Pleasant.

How to do: Starting in high plank pose (at the top of a push-up), begin to bend your elbows and place your elbows down in place of the wrists, coming onto your forearms in a plank. forearm. From the forearm plank, bring your right wrist to your left elbow and begin to shift your body weight to your right side and your forearm (forearm parallel to the top edge of your mat), keeping bringing your feet closer to the back of the mat, so that your ankles and thighs are touching. The opposite hand will reach the sky/ceiling. From the forearm side plank, keep your hips lifted, engage your side core and begin to dig in and thread your upper arm through the opening under your left armpit. Inhale to open up and extend your arm to the sky, exhale to thread the needle. Repeat 10x. Get back into a high plank position and do the opposite side. “Your jeans will thank you later!” she tells us.

Bicycle squeals

We know the bike creak isn’t the newest movement, but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, says Brittany. “Bike crunches are simple, straight to the point, and work that belly like nobody’s business!” In fact, the American Council on Exercise actually rated the bike crunch as the #1 exercise for strengthening the rectus abdominus (the abdominal muscles that make up the “six pack”) in 2001. “The slower the better is also – through each and every crisis, be sure to use your heart to do the job, rather than your momentum,” she advises.

How to do: Start by lying on your back on your mat, bend your knees, feet flat on the mat, and press your lower back against the mat, while engaging your lower stomach. Bring your fingers to your ears with your elbows apart and place your knees on your hips, shins parallel to the floor. Begin to straighten your left leg in front of you in a hover, as you lift your chest and hug your left elbow toward your right knee. Come back to center with both knees bent and elbows out. Repeat on the other side, straightening your right leg and crossing your right elbow over your left knee. Keep your knees stacked at your hips, don’t let your knee go past your navel, and make the elbow-to-knee or thigh connection with each crunch to get the maximum belly-cutting benefits from this exercise! Back to center. Repeat the bike crunch (each side) for one minute, rest and repeat again for one minute. “If you want to kick yourself even harder, you have the option of double tapping the knee with each crunch – yes, it’s possible to make bike crunches even harder!” she says.

Laying the top boat

The High Boat pose calls for extreme strength in our abs. By holding this power pose for 30 second intervals or counts, this is an intense exercise that builds strong abs and deep core muscles and ultimately a very toned stomach!

How to do: To get into a high boat pose, first sit on your mat with your knees bent and your feet flat on the mat in front of you. Palms can come behind you to start with fingers facing you on the mat. Lean back slightly to start balancing on your tailbone, keeping your spine long and angled with your mat, and start lifting both legs, bringing the legs up to a 90 degree angle with your upper body . Arms reach out in front of you, skyward, or behind your legs to modify. Engage the muscles of the lower trunk, from the navel to the spine. Hold High Boat for 30 seconds, pause briefly and repeat 5x. “Don’t forget to play a good song and smile,” adds Brittany. So important!

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