Bikini Empire Announces "Dress to Express" Online Campaign to Raise Awareness of Women's Mental Health, Self-Care and Individuality

Bikini Empire Announces “Dress to Express” Online Campaign to Raise Awareness of Women’s Mental Health, Self-Care and Individuality

NEW YORK, NY and VANCOUVER, B.C., Dec. 14 2022 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Bikini Empire (BE), a Canadian luxury swimwear line, today announced an international campaign titled “Dress to Express” to shine a light on the phenomenon of “dopamine dressing.” psychological, physiological and physical that connect what we feel to what we wear. BE’s goal is to educate and inform women that dressing in any type of clothing should focus on the belief that wearing what makes them feel good is more important than their appearance.

BE is a leader in sustainable and ethical bikinis and is launching its new range in February 2023, focusing its products and messages on what psychologists call “embedded cognition”. Colors have long had an impact on the psyche and historically have been used to aid healing. Due to the Covid pandemic, a global economic downturn and the long overdue societal discussion on mental health and wellbeing, BE is refocusing its business model to promote a message of positivity, healing and “S ‘dress to express’.

BE’s activity is the sale of comfortable, sexy and original swimsuits. But its owners, Monica and Kelsey Rush, are committed to bringing attention to women’s mental health, promoting self-care and making healthy choices to improve the way women feel about themselves.

“No one has control over what happens in our society from a broad perspective,” Monica said. “But we have a choice in how we enrich our lives, overcome pain and suffering, and make a positive decision to improve how we feel about ourselves. Wearing a bikini exposes us physically but it also opens women to vulnerability, judgment and objectification. BE is committed to helping women realize that they have the power to send a message about how we see ourselves – on the outside and on the inside. “Dress to Express” was created to empower women to make decisions based on self-love and the expression of their individuality. »

Bikini Empire is recognized as a cult classic and considered a trendsetter in luxury women’s swimwear, focused on developing environmentally friendly and sustainable products. It’s evolved to the point that Monica and Kelsey want to help change women’s lives by focusing on the connection between clothing and emotional well-being.

As they work to launch their new swimwear line, BE unveils a series of blogs, articles and online promos to spread the message about how ‘dopamine dressing’ is woven into the fabric of their corporate mission as well as its products.

For more information on BE’s “Dress to Express” movement, please visit BE’s social media sites on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok (#Bikiniempire and/or #BEdresstoexpress).

To schedule a media interview, please contact BE’s media contact and key influencers:

Dan Springer

Communications Director

Bikini Empire

Email: Dan[at]

Such. : 858-790-9551 (USA)

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*Photo caption: Monica and Kelsey Rush, owners of Bikini Empire.

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