Chinese Communist Party adopts global 'COVID forever' policy

Chinese Communist Party adopts global ‘COVID forever’ policy

A catastrophe of incalculable proportions is being consciously unleashed on the Chinese people by the leadership of the Communist Party of China (CCP), which has completely lifted its Zero-COVID policy.

Every day, news reports from China reveal how far the government’s policy shifts have gone and how deep the resulting crisis has become. For the past two weeks, mass testing has ceased and the COVID-19 contact and exposure tracing mobile app has been shut down. On Wednesday, China stopped counting asymptomatic COVID cases. After more than two years in which China had the most accurate data on COVID-19, official figures no longer reflect reality. Quarantine protocols are also lifted and workers infected with COVID-19 are now forced to return to work.

Embracing all the lies of the United States and other Western powers, the CCP’s official rhetoric turns reality upside down. It no longer presents a Zero-COVID policy as the solution to end the pandemic, but rather asserts that the pandemic is the solution to end the Zero-COVID policy. A massive infection with the “light” Omicron will lead to a wave of infections, referred to as the “COVID exit wave” by official media. According to Zhong Nanshan, a lung disease expert and one of the CCP’s key COVID policy official voices, by mid-2023 the surge is expected to subside and China will return to “pre-epidemic conditions.” .

In fact, China is reintegrating into the dystopian world of “COVID forever”, in which the massive infection of the world’s population has allowed SARS-CoV-2 to mutate and evolve into increasingly infectious variants. and immunoresistant. With each new global surge, millions more people are re-infected with the virus and experience worsening damage to their bodies, with increasing sections of the population dying or being disabled by Long COVID.

The spread of COVID through the Chinese population provides the virus with a vast new pool of transmission in which it can mutate into new, possibly more virulent forms. The end of Zero-COVID could have a catastrophic effect on the world in the form of renewed and worsening waves of global infection.

Although official data is no longer accurate, there is strong evidence that China’s public health infrastructure is already overwhelmed with severe cases. Anyone with a supposedly “mild” infection has been ordered to stay home, but hospitals and medical centers are unable to handle the massive influx of patients. The situation is serious enough that doctors with COVID-19 who show only “mild symptoms” should stay at work but avoid contact with elderly patients. Such a policy will make medical care the main vector of viral transmission.

The rationale for this new policy was presented in an editorial in the world times. “There is a consensus that the virus is too contagious to avoid infection. Although their symptoms may depend on luck, almost anyone can survive the virus and the risk of death is negligible.”

Zhong quantified this “negligible” risk to the press on Friday, saying “only” 0.1% of those infected would die. A 0.1% death rate from a virus “too contagious to avoid” in a country of 1.4 billion people could mean a death toll of a million or more.

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