Digital Mental Health Company, ThoughtFull, Partners with FWD to Provide Science-Based, Technology-Based Mental Health Solutions to Customers in Hong Kong and Thailand

Digital Mental Health Company, ThoughtFull, Partners with FWD to Provide Science-Based, Technology-Based Mental Health Solutions to Customers in Hong Kong and Thailand

SINGAPORE, December 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — from Asia ThoughtFull, the leading digital mental health company, continues to bring greater accessibility to its mental wellness solutions to businesses and consumers around the world. Asia Region. Today, the company announces that it is partnering with FWD Group Holdings Limited (“FWD Group”) to launch the Mind Strength Support program, a first-to-market platform to provide individuals with a convenient and confidential way to access digital solutions to strengthen their mental health. The program is launched in hong kong and Thailandwith other select FWD markets to follow in the future.

ThoughtFull’s successive partnerships with industry-leading insurance providers, such as AIA and FWD, reinforce its position as a pioneer in providing insurance coverage for mental health and underscore the industry’s recognition of the assurance of its unique mental health solutions based on science and technology. The many collaborations also highlight the growing demand for science-based mental health solutions that can provide a more empowering experience for people to manage their mental wellbeing. This recent collaboration will see FWD leverage Thoughtfull’s proprietary mobile platform, ThinkingFullCat, which leverages AI-powered technology for seamless and personalized access to mental health solutions. Depending on the needs of the individual, users can choose to find the mental health professional best suited to them for videotherapy, small daily one-on-one coaching via text and audio messaging, and/or engage with dynamic science-backed content and emotional health trackers. The wide range of tools are available for use at their own pace.

“Mental health has gained greater awareness through Asia since the pandemic, but research still shows a lack of adequate mental health coverage[2]. It takes a leading insurer like FWD to integrate mental wellness solutions into its client programs and we are privileged to partner with FWD to fill the gaps that exist in the current mental health ecosystem. ThoughtFull is a mental health technology platform, and our solutions are designed to be intuitive, easy to use, and customized for the unique needs of our users. Our groundbreaking approach has allowed us to pave the way for mental health and wellbeing insurance coverage,” said Jeanne LowCEO of ThoughtFull.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the COVID-19 pandemic has triggered a 25% increase in the global prevalence of anxiety and depression in its first year alone[1]. Despite growing attention and prioritization of mental health care around the world, 81% of employees are at risk of burnout this year[2]. In addition, a survey conducted by Mercer Marsh Benefits identified a gap between Asia insurers and their global counterparts when it comes to providing mental health support, where one in three do not provide mental health coverage as part of their plans[3] .

Through this collaboration with Thoughtfull, FWD customers will have free and regular access to a mental health self-assessment questionnaire, after which they will find a set of follow-up options. These include online self-help tools, unlimited text-based coaching, and virtual therapy with professionals such as counselors and clinical psychologists. It is available to customers who have purchased the Mind Strength protection product, which provides extensive medical coverage from initial diagnosis to ongoing treatment, designed to ease customers’ financial burdens and support them on the road to recovery.

Joanna ChuGroup Head of Product Proposition, FWD Group, emphasized, “At FWD, we believe that a holistic approach to building mental toughness is necessary to help our customers in all aspects of their lives. FWD’s mental health survey demonstrated that there is growth opportunity for digital mental health solutions across Asia. We are excited to partner with ThoughtFull as it reinforces FWD’s broader commitment to making insurance more inclusive and accessible by leveraging digital health technologies. »

ThinkingFullCat is ThoughtFull’s proprietary mobile platform that takes an evidence-based approach to empowering its users to proactively monitor and manage their mental wellbeing to build resilience while on the go. It is also available on the Apple App Store and Google Play via its subscription version.

To learn more about ThoughtFull, please visit www.monde.pensif or download the ThoughtFullChat mobile app from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.


About ThoughtFull

ThoughtFull is a digital mental health company whose mission is to provide seamless and affordable access to end-to-end mental health care. With operations across AsiaThoughtFull’s proprietary mobile apps ThinkingFullCat and ThoughtFullChat Pro enable users to access the most appropriate personalized mental health care throughout their mental wellness journey while enabling certified mental health professionals to adapt their practice digitally in an information-driven way and data. ThoughtFull partners with key players in the ecosystem, including insurers, healthcare providers and regionally leading employers to standardize and expand access to mental health services.

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